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When I got back to my desk today with my Chicken Noodle soup (more on that later), I somehow got sucked into playing Gold Rush. Not so much because I actually want to go out and find the gold, (I'm a realist and I know I won't be the one to be picked) but because it has all of these neat little online games like word scrambles and stuff about pop culture. Well I have a ton to do and I don't feel like working, so I indulged. Well I just beat level 7 and although they gave me a direct link to the page the gold bar is supposed to be on, I can't find it! Ugh! This makes me almost as mad as the soup today.

La Salle doesn't have very much to eat that's actually good, but their Chicken Tortellini soup is an exception. They post this soup on the portal and I feen for it all week until it's CT soup day (as I like to call it) and I'm over there at 11:30 on the dot. So today, I go over to get my CT soup and wind up with Chicken Noodle. I was really sad and figured they just messed the portal up. Well a few minutes ago, Beth says she got the CT soup. Turns out that the Deli had it and the Salad Bar didn't. Why would two places practically right next to each other have enitrely different soups, when there's only supposed to be two soups each day?

Meh, I'm just super emo today. I'm still giving myself ulcers over the wedding. Mostly because I know what the biggest thing is that needs to change and that thing can't change. There's a deposit down on it already, there's noplace cheaper to hold that amount of people and my Mom refuses to let me move it. We need to get $10,000 in 394 days. Not likely. Not likely at all. So now, I get to talk to my Dad and tell him that it's off, at least for now. I told him when we got engaged it would be seven or eight years until we could afford it and he told us to do it sooner. Man, I'm driving myself batty over here. All I do is bitch and moan.

I'm going shopping with Vicky and Jackie on Sunday, that's a happy thought!

If anybody who lives near me sees anybody hiring for something like a cashier, let me know. I'm going to need to get more jobs.

EDIT: Mayor Street signed the smoking ban in Philly. This means that if my wedding goes as planned, there's not going to be smoking allowed at my reception. Half the bridal party, the groom and most of the families are going to be outside all night. Fabulous. Today is not my day.
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