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Do you ever get so tired both emotionally and physically that you feel like you're going to just do a faceplant into your keyboard?

I'm rocking that feeling about now. It's like not only am I tired, I'm achy, which is making me more tired. And the cold? Making me want to go home and snuggle up in my blankets. I got plenty of sleep last night. Maybe I got too much. I only know this feeling is very annoying.

In about 2 hours I will have finally completed America's Military Past on my fourth try. Unfortunately, I can't go right over and take my Psych exam. I have to wait at work until 6 before I go over to do that. Hopefully I'll get home around 8 and I can go straight to bed. I'm sure something will come up where I can't, but at least I can try.
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You would think that one click ordering on Amazon.com would be a good idea.

Well it's not for dipshits like me.

My books for psychology would have come up to about $95 at the bookstore with my employee discount.  To order them from Amazon, they were about $79.  So I click purchase, meaning to change my info to my credit card and not my bank card, and the one click ordering took effect.  I successful managed to buy my books and bounce a "check", which means I wound up paying more than I would have in the bookstore anyway.

This is not good, considering that I have so much money coming out of my check this week:
$250 for the wedding, $37 waxing, $45 hair, $50 (I hope that's it)nails, $25 makeup, $100 in the card
Joey's first birthday is Saturday, so I need to get presents for him.
Chris' birthday is September 13th, so I need to get something for him.
The credit card bill is ridiculous because of Chris' emergency dentist visit, so I have to put $100 back on it each paycheck so that we can afford our mini vacation.

For fuck's sake, I hate money, I need to make more of it, and here's a big FU to Amazon.

Oh yeah, Beth running out of her office and bugging me the entire time I'm on "lunch" sucked too.  I guess that's partially my fault for eating at my desk, but if I'm doing my job and Karen's job, I don't have much of a choice.  The point is, you see me eating, you have the courtesy not to annoy me.

I can't wait for today to be over.

EDIT: I forgot to mention parking sucked too )

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When my sister got engaged, she decided to have her friend Jackie be her maid of honor. If it weren't for Jackie, she and Joe never would have met, so I was okay with that. Well, unfortunately, a week after Sarah and Joe got engaged, Jackie died in a car crash. Instead of asking me (you know, because I'm like her sister and stuff) to be her maid of honor, my sister picked her "friend" Ruthanne.

Now Sarah and Ruthanne have know each other since high school, but they hadn't spoken in almost 6 months at this point. I was pretty pissed off, as was my Dad. He was pissed to the point that she's not getting any extra money to pay for the wedding from him, but I digress.

Ruthanne is a nurse at Einstein, works the night shift and makes 3 times as much as anybody else in the bridal party. Unfortunately, she's also taking everything upon herself, because, "Everybody has work when I don't". Well that's not our fault, Ruthanne. We left work on our lunchbreaks to go look at halls for the shower. We told you what she'd like and what was propper, etc, and you went over our heads to the most expensive place you could find because YOU could afford it.

Each bridesmaid had to give her $50 back in April and another $150 by the first of June. That's $200 each and there's 6 bridesmaids. That's $1,200. If there's more that 40 people coming, we have to give her more the day of the shower. Even with the gift included, who the hell spends $1,200 on a bridal shower?

Ruthanne decided that our gift for the shower would be a gift certificate to Ceasar's Pocono resort. Well without telling us, she actually had the audacity to put into the shower invitations that gift certificates for Ceasar's would be appreciated. First off, that's fucking rude. Secondly, jiggawut? That's what we're getting her. Well apparently, she also decided that instead of the gift certificate, we were going to get her assorted wedding things like garters and the ring bearer's pillow and what not. God help her if she gets anything the Mom's supposed to get like the purse or the hanky or the nightie. My Mother already wants to rip her eyes out.

Everytime there's a problem with anything, she's on the phone to Sarah. My sister has been in tears about this and isn't even having fun planning her own wedding because of this. The job of the maid of honor is to make sure the bride doesn't have to deal with shit like this.

On top of all of this, she told me to plan the bachelorette, which I'm working on and somehow got it into her head that we would have a limo. Ummm, what limo?
I called the other girls in the wedding and they also think that Ruthanne is out of her mind. We just don't have the money for it.

Here are the limo emails )


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