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My vacation started off with going to see Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire with my Mom on Friday night. It was actually a really good show, I was surprised. The bass player in Earth Wind and Fire was nuts! He was all over the place on stage. It was sort of boring for me because I think I only knew maybe 5 songs between the two bands. (I finally know which song 25 or 6 to 4 is.) It was worth it though, to see what a good time my Mom was having. I haven't seen her that happy since Joey was born. She got her first concert T shirt ever too, more like a night shirt, but she's been wearing it all the time and really likes it.

Sunday was the dreaded bridal shower. First of all, the place was not worth $15 a person, nor was the food. Worst chicken parm I've ever had. It was cold, and the sauce was seriously just canned tomatoes on top of it. No seasoning or anything. Now on top of the bad food and crappy room, they double booked, so here we are in the middle of the shower and in walks a birthday party. It wasn't so bad, because they just ate while we were eating. But when Sarah was opening her gifts, they tried to seat another party. My Mom was all over the hostess for that one, and they were promptly removed.

Bonnie did most of the greeting of guests and searching for the waitress while Ruthanne sat on her ass and did nothing. I guess Ruthanne just doesn't understand being a maid of honor afterall, especially since the day before, she called Sarah and told her that she wasn't getting her hair done with us because she spent too much money on the shower. Also, she wouldn't be with Sarah until the church, because she had to drop gifts off for somebody's baby shower. Man, if you're maid of honor, you just can't do that! She's lucky Sarah showed up for the shower, because she was rightly pissed, and the story to get her there was that it was Ruthanne's birthday party. What I don't understand though, is that we've all told Sarah to just make somebody else maid of honor, and she won't. She actually told Ruthanne that she would pay for her hair if it was such a big deal. My sister proves more and more each day how much of an ass she is. Nicole sat down and had a talk with her though and made Ruthanne cry, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

Apparently, there was trouble in paradise on Sunday. Jean told my Dad that if they didn't get announced together, she wasn't coming to the wedding. She said that two years is long enough and she should be recognized. Um, everybody knows that she's the slut my Dad left for, she doesn't need more recognition.; Also, she's nothing to Sarah, so why should she be announced anyhow? Sarah's pretty pissed, but she's afraid to say anything because my Dad might take back the money he gave her.

Well Jeannie apparently is a light weight and figured she would deal with this by drinking at the shower. About 4 Belvedere martinis into the shower, while Sarah was opening gifts, I hear her say to my Mom, "Barbara, I'm really drunk." I was really worried there would be a scene in the middle of the shower, but there wasn't. Nope, that was later. We hung around the bar for a bit afterward, and Jean went to the bathroom. When she wasn't back in half an hour, my Dad asked me and Sarah to go check on her. She was wrecked! She couldn't stand up straight and was using the paper towels as a rope to keep her from sliding down the wall. We got her back and she proceeded to lock my Mom in a bear hug and tell her she wished things were different, then goes after Chris. I was outraged! You stole my Dad from my Mom, bitch, don't even go after my man! He got away from her and we left. My Dad stopped by the house, but Jean didn't come in because she was passed out in the car already.
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