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Wow, another night with insomnia.  This is failing to be fun.  I'm not as worried about sleeping as usual though, since I have my rheumatologist appointment tomorrow, meaning I get to sleep in.  Man, I hope to hell he can help me.

The real reason for this post though, is to pick your brains.  I'm worrying about wedding details, as usual.   I'm petrified I'm going to forget something.  I'm getting married at 4PM on October 13, 2007 right outside of Philadelphia.  I'm planning the ceremony outdoors and the reception in a tent.  What do I need?  You might be especially helpful if you're coming and you give me some answers.  It could turn into a great suggestion, but I'm open to anything.

PS - I made an attempt to be overly vague for a reason.  I figured the less you all know, the more you'll suggest, meaning the likelihood of my overlooking anything decreases drastically.  Thanks upfront for the help.
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Well I've had a little bit of excitement since I last posted, so here goes - 

I had a talk with my Dad about how we couldn't afford the wedding at the Rosewood and he agreed to ask his friend Paul if we could have it there.  Well Paul said yes, so now we're having the simple yet elegant tent wedding that we wanted from the beginning.  I've been calling around for quotes and stuff all day.  Now I need to either find a caterer or figure out how much of a pain in the ass it's going to be to self-cater it.  I know that I could pull something like that off, but everybody thinks if I do it, I won't be able to enjoy our day.  I have to admit, they're probably right.  Also, I'm a little worried about what's going to happen on the off chance that somebody gets sick from it.

I figured out a good savings plan that's going to give us about $5,000 before the wedding, so we booked the photographer, videographer and officiant last week.  The only other thing coming out of this budget will be our wedding rings and the DJ.  I'm buying things like paper for favors and invitations and centerpiece supplies as we get the money, rather than as one heaping expense.  So far, this plan seems to be working nicely.  The only thing that sucks is that my Mom's freaking out about the house.  The shop isn't bringing in money, so we're struggling.  Even if we stopped saving, it wouldn't be enough to help, so I'm not.  It still sucks though.

I finally had my first appointment with my new primary care physician.  He's awesome.  Right away he told me that I might have fibro, but not to get freaked out because it could be a lot of different things too.  I have to go for blood tests and I'll find out a week after what to do from there, like if I need to see a rhumetologist or if it's something the primary can handle.  His first goal is to try to help my sleeping problems, because honestly, how does anybody get better without decent rest?

My Tuesday night class is no longer.  I decided to drop it because life (or lack thereof) is getting in the way.  The main problem is that I've been working 10 hours a day everyday for about a month now.  After making dinner and doing "house stuff" that doesn't leave much time for schoolwork, and the time I do have, I'm too brain dead to accomplish anything else.  I'm glad I dropped it, it took a lot out of me mostly because I had to do so much outside notetaking and it really started to add up.  I'm keeping my Intro to Criminal Justice class, which is my Wednesday night class and I think that I'm only going to take one class a semester until after the wedding.  I'm going to have enough going on without school.

This weekend is Halloween decorating/house cleaning weekend.  OMG, the house is so awful right now that it's making me sick.  I know I think it's a lot worse than it is, but at this point, I don't want to even let anybody from outside into my house.  For once, I can't wait to clean.

PS - LJ pisses me off because it just gave me the hardest time ever trying to make a bulletted list.  I say F bullets then.

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When I got back to my desk today with my Chicken Noodle soup (more on that later), I somehow got sucked into playing Gold Rush. Not so much because I actually want to go out and find the gold, (I'm a realist and I know I won't be the one to be picked) but because it has all of these neat little online games like word scrambles and stuff about pop culture. Well I have a ton to do and I don't feel like working, so I indulged. Well I just beat level 7 and although they gave me a direct link to the page the gold bar is supposed to be on, I can't find it! Ugh! This makes me almost as mad as the soup today.

La Salle doesn't have very much to eat that's actually good, but their Chicken Tortellini soup is an exception. They post this soup on the portal and I feen for it all week until it's CT soup day (as I like to call it) and I'm over there at 11:30 on the dot. So today, I go over to get my CT soup and wind up with Chicken Noodle. I was really sad and figured they just messed the portal up. Well a few minutes ago, Beth says she got the CT soup. Turns out that the Deli had it and the Salad Bar didn't. Why would two places practically right next to each other have enitrely different soups, when there's only supposed to be two soups each day?

Meh, I'm just super emo today. I'm still giving myself ulcers over the wedding. Mostly because I know what the biggest thing is that needs to change and that thing can't change. There's a deposit down on it already, there's noplace cheaper to hold that amount of people and my Mom refuses to let me move it. We need to get $10,000 in 394 days. Not likely. Not likely at all. So now, I get to talk to my Dad and tell him that it's off, at least for now. I told him when we got engaged it would be seven or eight years until we could afford it and he told us to do it sooner. Man, I'm driving myself batty over here. All I do is bitch and moan.

I'm going shopping with Vicky and Jackie on Sunday, that's a happy thought!

If anybody who lives near me sees anybody hiring for something like a cashier, let me know. I'm going to need to get more jobs.

EDIT: Mayor Street signed the smoking ban in Philly. This means that if my wedding goes as planned, there's not going to be smoking allowed at my reception. Half the bridal party, the groom and most of the families are going to be outside all night. Fabulous. Today is not my day.
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It's been a busy week for me!

Thursday night was the rehersal and dinner.  The priest was cranky as all hell, and I actually made him say "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" when I wasn't paying attention in Church.  Everything went smoothly for the most part, though.  We had dinner at Nick's Roast Beef after.  I don't know why we couldn't have had Sarah's shower there.  The food was better and it was really nice in their banquet room.  If you're reading this and I pick you for a bridesmaid when the time comes, keep this in mind.

Friday, I wound up watching Riley.  It was unplanned, but no problem at all, seeing as she was a perfect angel for me.  Jim came and picked her up early and I was supposed to go to Michael's, but I wound up taking a nap instead.  Around 4, we left to get our nails done, and I got my very first pedicure.  Now, I don't usually like people touching my feet.  I don't like feet for that matter, especially not mine, but I've found a new addiction.  Not only was the service itself relaxing, they have these amazing massage chairs.  These things don't just vibrate, they knead.  I didn't want to get up.  I keep trying to convice Chris to get one, but he won't.

Post pedicure, the bridesmaids had dinner, then me and Nikki ran to Michael's for beads to make hairpins and to Payless to get scuff guards for our shoes.  It was a busy night, but we all somehow managed to get to bed at a decent hour.

Saturday morning, we were up at 7 and off to Jackie's at 8:30.  I don't think I could have dreamed of anybody doing a better job on our hair.  We all looked great.  Ruthanne's aunt didn't do bad makeup, like we were afraid of, but it wasn't quite as nice as we would have liked.  Most of us were adding eyeliner, or fixing where it was.  Then it was back to the house to rush, and off to the wedding.  The following is the briefest breakdown I can do of the day's highlights.

  • Joey fell down the steps trying to come up.  He's ok, but has a huge scrape on his little head.
  • Rude ass photographer showed up and took forever to pose us on the porch.  The fact that Sarah had to be rushed back inside since the limo was coming down our street didn't speed things along any.
  • Nothing special happened at the Church really, other than my Dad tripping over Sarah's train.  I hope to hell the videographer got that on tape.
  • We almost had a fight at Nazareth for pictures.  Sarah booked it 3 months ago, we got there and there was another wedding hogging the whole place that booked the day before.  We were NOT happy.
  • The rude photographer took even longer there, and the bridal party gave up, went back to the limo and had some Jack.
  • Spent some time at the cocktail hour, (Twining Hall has great appetizers.) then were rushed into the Bridal Suite.  They shoved like 15 people in a room made for 2.  We were just about to get a picture of all of us on the firetruck outside when the DJ started announcing everyone.
  • The DJ pronounced Jeanie's name wrong.  I know she didn't, but I'd have sick satisfaction if she did it on purpose.
  • The first slow song everybody could dance to was Can't Help Falling In Love, so of course Chris and I danced and probably made a lot of people sick in the process.
  • I think I fell in love with Chris 10 times over that day.  Not only did he dance with me, he wore a tie (for most of the day anyway) and when we found out nobody brought Joey's diaper bag, he ran out and got diapers, wipes, juice, etc.  He thought of everything.
  • Ruthanne won't be able to see the video, because when she made her speech, everybody at the bridal table rolled our eyes.
  • I'm pretty sure the only people who weren't totally drunk were me, Chris, Jackie and Nancy.  I think I had maybe a shot of Jack and 2 drinks all day.  I was loving the Cherry Coke, though.
  • Sarah kissed Joey and narrowly escaped him puking on her, then she left me to deal with cleaning him up.
  • I had a handful of the bouquet.  A big one.  Nikki stole it from me though.  Same thing happened with Dana at Jim and Vicky's wedding.  I need to be somebody else's bridesmaid - third time's the charm.
  • My everything hurt by the end of the day and I was mad tired.  Chris and I came home and my parents actually went out with Sarah and Joe to party more.
  • They came home shortly after, because Sarah decided she was tired and we ordered pizza.  Then my day finally came to an end.
That's pretty much all the exciting stuff.  We went to Chris' neice's birthday party on Sunday, I had a migraine by the time I got home.  By Monday morning, said migraine had become a sinus infection so I missed work Monday and Tuesday.  It sucked, but I felt like shit.  Other than classes, that's about all going on in the world of Janet right now.

Lots of oversized pictures behind the cut...dialup beware! )


Aug. 31st, 2005 09:46 pm
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Sarah's bachelorette party was on the 20th. We had a stripper and lots of fun. My Mom became a belligerent drunk. The pictures tell the story much better than I ever could, so that's all I have to say about it. If you want details, or want to see the pics, IM or email me and I'll be more than happy to share. I don't want to put the link in here so that the whole interweb can see them.

Wachovia, what can I say about Wachovia? FUCKERS. They posted my gas to my account twice, the first time I was ok, but since it didn't hard post untill Monday, it came up as insufficient funds. One overdraft fee. Then I had the snafu with Amazon.com. Amazon charged me in one payment, but it posted to my account in two payments. So now I have an additional $62 overdraft fee. My Mom felt bad because she was going to lend me the money for my books and forgot, so she went and put $100 in my account for me today. They're still gonna take $76 out of my check. I hate money.

I started Fall semester today. I'm in love with Brother Ed. He's seriously cool as shit, very energetic and entertaining. He's a 60 year old Christian Brother who goes around saying things like, "my bad" and "yeah, we're posse". He's been quoted in Maxim and Sports Illustrated and has been a lifeline on Millionare. I think I'm in for a fun semester. The only drawback I can forsee is a 10 page paper due sometime in November.

Psychology was not so cool. My teacher is like a stereotypical therapist. Very professional, quiet and soft spoken. Funny thing is, I think she's the youngest teacher I've ever had at La Salle. We only have like 11 people in our class, so she made us sit in a circle for it, but the good thing is that now the group project she wanted to have us do can be individual projects. That's a plus, seeing as it's impossible logistically to get together with day students to do projects and I hate group work.

Work sucked, so I was happy to leave for class at 2. I was in the middle of a convo with Danyiel, so that kinda sucked, but I needed out in a bad way. Mimi can't keep her mouth shut about anything, and since I'm doing checks this week and she's doing letters, she ran to Beth with every little thing instead of asking me for help first. Well of course, I have the answers that I've given to Beth, but Beth forgets, so I have to be interrogated all over again, thus interfering with my doing other people's work. Fortunately, I had a great class to remind me why I put up with this shit.

I think that's it for now. This was a lazy entry.
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My vacation started off with going to see Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire with my Mom on Friday night. It was actually a really good show, I was surprised. The bass player in Earth Wind and Fire was nuts! He was all over the place on stage. It was sort of boring for me because I think I only knew maybe 5 songs between the two bands. (I finally know which song 25 or 6 to 4 is.) It was worth it though, to see what a good time my Mom was having. I haven't seen her that happy since Joey was born. She got her first concert T shirt ever too, more like a night shirt, but she's been wearing it all the time and really likes it.

Sunday was the dreaded bridal shower. First of all, the place was not worth $15 a person, nor was the food. Worst chicken parm I've ever had. It was cold, and the sauce was seriously just canned tomatoes on top of it. No seasoning or anything. Now on top of the bad food and crappy room, they double booked, so here we are in the middle of the shower and in walks a birthday party. It wasn't so bad, because they just ate while we were eating. But when Sarah was opening her gifts, they tried to seat another party. My Mom was all over the hostess for that one, and they were promptly removed.

Bonnie did most of the greeting of guests and searching for the waitress while Ruthanne sat on her ass and did nothing. I guess Ruthanne just doesn't understand being a maid of honor afterall, especially since the day before, she called Sarah and told her that she wasn't getting her hair done with us because she spent too much money on the shower. Also, she wouldn't be with Sarah until the church, because she had to drop gifts off for somebody's baby shower. Man, if you're maid of honor, you just can't do that! She's lucky Sarah showed up for the shower, because she was rightly pissed, and the story to get her there was that it was Ruthanne's birthday party. What I don't understand though, is that we've all told Sarah to just make somebody else maid of honor, and she won't. She actually told Ruthanne that she would pay for her hair if it was such a big deal. My sister proves more and more each day how much of an ass she is. Nicole sat down and had a talk with her though and made Ruthanne cry, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

Apparently, there was trouble in paradise on Sunday. Jean told my Dad that if they didn't get announced together, she wasn't coming to the wedding. She said that two years is long enough and she should be recognized. Um, everybody knows that she's the slut my Dad left for, she doesn't need more recognition.; Also, she's nothing to Sarah, so why should she be announced anyhow? Sarah's pretty pissed, but she's afraid to say anything because my Dad might take back the money he gave her.

Well Jeannie apparently is a light weight and figured she would deal with this by drinking at the shower. About 4 Belvedere martinis into the shower, while Sarah was opening gifts, I hear her say to my Mom, "Barbara, I'm really drunk." I was really worried there would be a scene in the middle of the shower, but there wasn't. Nope, that was later. We hung around the bar for a bit afterward, and Jean went to the bathroom. When she wasn't back in half an hour, my Dad asked me and Sarah to go check on her. She was wrecked! She couldn't stand up straight and was using the paper towels as a rope to keep her from sliding down the wall. We got her back and she proceeded to lock my Mom in a bear hug and tell her she wished things were different, then goes after Chris. I was outraged! You stole my Dad from my Mom, bitch, don't even go after my man! He got away from her and we left. My Dad stopped by the house, but Jean didn't come in because she was passed out in the car already.
Vacation details and pictures )
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So vacation starts on Friday with the Chicago/Earth Wind and Fire concert. Yippee! Ok, so that was sarcasm, but it's my Mom's very first concert and she's 56, so I'll fein enthusiasm for her. Sunday is the dreaded shower of doom. We told Sarah we had to go to a Parent/Student brunch at La Salle and she seemed to buy it.

Monday is business day. Get my license renewed, sleep a bit, do our wash. Then take the trail of death. otherwise known as Route 42 over to the shoe place in Jersey. That should prove to be interesting, considering I think half the bridesmaids and my Mom are coming with us.

Tuesday we'll be heading down the shore, but I'm not sure what time. I'm not which shore point, either for that matter. It's a free trip. Chris' best friend Scott's parents have a house down there and since Scott will be there, we're meeting up with him on Tuesday and spending the night and Wednesday there. We don't know what time Scott will be going though, so if it's late, we thought we might take in the aquarium during the day.

Thursday we'll be going to Gettysburg. Chris has never been there, I like history and we can do everything there for a total cost of $14. Not a bad deal. We'll spend the night at my Dad's friend's house, then head into Duncannon on Friday. We used to go and stay there when we were younger, and I haven't been up there for probably about 10 years. It's a really neat little town, with this antique store/museum called the sled works. It used to be a sled factory, it's not just a clever name. We're going to have lunch at the Red Rabbit, which has the best burgers EVER. No, seriously, it's worth the two hour drive just for one of these puppies and I'm not quite sure why I haven't already done that. I've considered it a lot, but never actually done anything about it. To top off our day, we'll be going to the Titanic exhibit in Harrisburg then heading home.

Nothing too excited, but it should be a fun relaxing time. Most importantly, it will be cheap. We're trying to get my Mom to go with us upstate, but she hasn't given me an answer yet. She loves it there and doesn't get to go anymore because my Dad is a cunt, but if you read my Live Journal, you already know that.

I feel kinda bad for Sarah. We have our differences and stuff, but she's still my sister. According to RuthAnne, only 30 people are coming to the shower, so that actually means only about 25 actually guests. There's 6 bridesmaids. Almost nobody bought her anything from her registries, which is a shame, because it's not like she asked for anything that outrageous or overpriced, like I thought she would.

Maybe she'll get lucky and a lot of people will wind up shopping on Saturday.

I'm out for now. I've discovered that I'm definitely allergic to the acrylic they use to do my nails and I have horrible blisters on my fingers. I cannot describe in words how badly it hurts to type. Almost to the point that I don't believe I'm doing it, but not so bad that I totally can't. I think I'll play with my scanner for awhile, seeing as I finally hooked it up and that only uses a mouse.
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It's hot in my office. Not full sweat hot, but hot where all the grease in your skin rises to the top of your face and you wind up looking greasy all day no matter how many times you wipe your face or put on powder. Our air is cranked all the way up, but it's not doing anything because of two things. The first is that Beth freezes, so instead of turning her AC in her office down, she opens a window, but doesn't close her office door. The other reason is that we're not allowed to close the door to the office, because we're a "service office". This apparently, is a fire hazzard, but nobody seems to care. Also, Beth isn't concerned that we provide air conditioning for the entire third floor lobby. Oh well, I just have to put up with it because it's not going to change.

I changed my major a couple of weeks ago from History to General Studies. I'm still not sure what I want to do with myself, and DArt wasn't an option for a major, so this is the next best thing. I won't lose any credits that I've already taken towards history or education. They all apply to a core class or to a major class on the curriculum. My History component is done, I need one more class for my Education component and I chose Psychology as my third component. I have 8 electives leftover, which I can use to take mindless subjects like oil painting as pass/fail classes, or I can use toward a minor. I'm thinking about a minor in Criminal Justice, but I haven't decided. I think I'll take an intro class and see how I do before I make that call. The advantage to changing is that I can get my masters in any of those 3 or 4 things and move on from there. Is much less limiting than being stuck with a plain old history degree.

I have a total of 13 classes to take for my Bachelor's. I think the way I calculated it, I'll be graduating again in 2007 or 2008. I have two classes this semester, America's Military Past and Intro to Psychology (I've taken 200 level courses, but for some reason, never had the intro course.) Both will be on Wednesdays.

Yesterday, I spoke to Beth about the conference and I've decided to go. She said I can figure out my own flight itineray, so I can arrive back Tuesday evening if I wanted to, so that way everybody's happy. I don't know if it's definitely happening or not, she had to talk to Terry about it and to my knowledge, Beth is still waiting for an answer.

After work, I had to drive Sarah and I to Turnersville to get shoes for the wedding. Mine are cute, but had to be special ordered as usual (damn wide feet), so I have to go back twice instead of just once. I was so afraid I'd get lost, but I got us there and back with no major problems. Tonight, we go for her alterations. Funny thing, her dress doesn't fit. Won't zipper. Mine fits fine. Granted, I need to use the shaper, but it zippers and I can sit and everything. And she spent all of that time yelling at me. I think that she's just bloated or something, though and it's not that major. We also need to force my Mom to at least try some things on at David's. The wedding is two months away and she still hasn't even started looking for an outfit yet.

She's really worrying me. All she's done the past week and a half is sleep. Last weekend was understandable, because she came down with the plague that infiltrated our house, but then she was off on Thursday and Friday and slept both days all day and did the same Saturday and Sunday. I don't know if maybe she's just depressed, or if maybe she's seriously sick. She said she'd call the doctor about it this week though, so I'll have to remind her to do that tonight.

I could go on about how I'm broke due to paying the house bills and how I'm hoping I have money for Trevor's gifts and that I really hope I still have money set aside for Riley, but I won't because I don't feel like bitching in this post. Hopefully, things go well tonight.


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