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Music Meme

Wow, 2 posts in one day! You'd never know I was busy over here.

List your favourite song from each group/person. If no favourite or you're lost about who they are, leave it blank. THEN add 3 new ones at the end.

1. Favourite Beatles song: A Day In the Life
2. Favourite Rolling Stones song: Paint It Black
3. Favourite Doors song: Love Her Madly
4. Favourite Bob Dylan song: Like a Rolling Stone
5. Favourite Led Zeppelin song: Kashmir
6. TV Theme Song: Dukes of Hazzard
7. Favourite Prince Song: When Doves Cry
8. Favourite Madonna Song: Into the Groove
9. Favourite Michael Jackson Song: Thriller
10. Favourite Queen Song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
11. Favourite Motorhead Song: Ace of Spades
12. Favourite Ozzy Song: Crazy Train
13. Favourite Public Enemy Song: 911 Is a Joke
14. Favourite Song from a cartoon: probably anything from Jem
15. Favourite Bruce Springsteen song: Secret Garden from Jerry McGuire
16. Favourite Depeche Mode song: Personal Jesus
17. Favourite Cure song: Love Song
18. Favourite song that most of your friends haven’t heard: Ladylike – Storm Large and the Balls
19. Favourite Smiths song: How Soon is Now?
20. Favourite Beastie Boys song: Girls
21. Favourite Clash song: Should I stay or should I go
22. Favourite Police song: Don’t Stand So Close to Me
23. Favourite Eurythmics song: Sweet Dreams
24. Favourite Beach Boys song: Car Crazy Cutie
25. Favourite Cyndi Lauper song: Time After Time
26. Favourite song from a movie: That song that Adam Sandler sings about Linda in the Wedding Singer
27. Favourite Duran Duran song: Nortorious
28. Favourite Peter Tosh song: Who?
29. Favourite Johnny Cash song: Ring of Fire
30. Favourite song from an 80s one hit wonder: Two of Hearts – Stacy Q
31. Favourite song from a video game: Bat Country from Madden ‘06
32. Favourite Kinks song: You really got me
33. Favourite Genesis song: Land of Confusion
34. Favourite Thin Lizzy song: The Boys are Back in Town
35. Favourite INXS song: Suicide Blond
36. Favourite Weird Al song: White & Nerdy
37. Favourite Peter Gabriel song: Big Time
38. Favourite John Lennon song: Imagine
39. Favourite Pink Floyd song: Another Brick In the Wall Pt. 2
40. Favourite cover song: Die, Die My Darling – Metallica, original Misfits
41. Favourite White Stripes song: 7 Nation Army
42. Favourite dance song: ?
43. Favourite U2 song: All I want is you
44. Favourite song from an actor turned musician: The Kill – 30 Seconds to Mars
45. Favourite disco song: I Will Survive
46. Favourite Power Ballad: Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
47. Favourite Guns 'N’ Roses song: Don’t Cry
48. Favourite The Who song: Behind Blue Eyes
49. Favourite Elton John song: Your Song
50. Favourite song, period: This has always been and will always be impossible for me to pick just one.
51. Favourite Monte Montgomery song: Huh?
52. Favourite Green Day song: 2,000 Light Years Away
53. Favourite Alanis Morrissette song: You Oughta Know
54. Favourite Jamiroquai song: Virtual Insanity
55. Favourite Foo Fighters song: Darlin’ Nikki
56. Favourite David Bowie song: Rebel Rebel
57. Favourite Metallica song: One
58. Favourite Jeff Buckley song: um, no
59. Favourite Pearl Jam song: Black
60. Favourite Grateful Dead song: Touch of Gray
61. Favourite Def Leppard song: Two Steps Behind
62. Favourite The Band song: Huh?
63: Favourite Boomtown Rats song: Uh....
64. Favourite Jam song: What?
65. Favourite Barenaked Ladies song: totally not a fan
66. Favourite Creedence Clearwater Revival Song: Fortunate Son
67. Favourite Garth Brooks song: Friends in Low Places
68: Favourite Tom McRae song: Huh?
69: Favourite Vienna Teng song: Again, huh?
70. Favourite Tom Petty (solo or with the Heartbreakers) song: Into the Great Wide Open
71. Favourite Replacements song: Eh...
72. Favourite Bob Mould song: Don't know who he is.
73. Favourite Jethro Tull song: not a fan
74. Favourite Jann Arden Song: Insensitive
75. Favourite Marc Cohn Song: don’t know any
76. Favourite Our Lady Peace Song: don’t know any
77. Favourite HIM Song: Heartache Every Moment
78. Favourite Bryan Adams Song: Summer of ‘69
79. Favourite Slashy Song: not sure what you mean
80. Favourite Old School Soul song: Always and Forever
81. Favourite Song That Totally Kicks Righteous Ass: haha
82. Favourite Roxy Music song: nope
83. Favourite Nine Inch Nails song: Closer
84: Favourite Song of Yours That Everyone Else Hates: Probably anything from Broadway
85. Favourite Type O Negative Song: I Don’t Wanna Be Me
86. Favourite KISS song: God Gave Rock n Roll to You
87: Favourite Godsmack Song: Whatever
88: Favourite ZZ Top Song: Sharp Dressed Man
89: Favourite Iron Maiden Song: Run to the Hills
90: Favourite AC/DC Song: Big Balls
91: Favourite Evanescence Song: My Immortal
92: Favourite Pet Shop Boys Song: West End Girls
93: Favourite Dream Theater Song: know them, but not enough to pick a song
94. Favourite Blondie song: The Tide is High
95. Favourite Blur song: Girls and Boys
96. Favourite New Order song: Blue Monday
97. Favourite Bob Marley song: none
98. Favourite Violent Femmes song: Blister in the Sun
99. Favourite Classical piece: I don’t know what any are called
100. Favourite Dio Song: I am so not a Dio fan
101. Favourite Queensryche song: Silent Lucidity
102. Favourite Linkin Park song: Faint
103. Favourite Wallflowers song: One Headlight
104. Favourite James Taylor song: Fire and Rain
105. Favourite CSNY Song: Love the One You’re With
106. Favourite Brand New song: Sic Transit Gloria
107. Favourite Placebo Song: No thanks
108. Favourite Tori Amos song: Crucify
109. Favourite Saliva song: Anything except click, click boom
110. Favourite Pantera song: Walk
111. Favourite KoRn song: A.D.I.D.A.S.
112. Favourite Disturbed song: Down with the Sickness
113. Favourite Stone Temple Pilots song: Plush
114. Favourite Bush song: Swallowed
115. Favourite Indigo Girls song: hate em
116. Favourite Trailor Bride song: Who?
117. Favourite Flogging Molly song: Know them, don’t know the songs
118. Favourite Jimi Hendrix song: All Along the Watchtower
119. Favourite Jefferson Airplane song: Volunteers
120. Favourite Fleetwood Mac song: Lies
121. Favourite Cranberries song: Zombie
122. Favourite Eagles song: Desperado
123. Favourite Pat Benatar song: Love is a Battlefield
124. Favourite Nick Cave song: Head of him, never actually heard him.
125. Favourite Emilie Autumn song: Who?
126. Favourite Queen Adreena song: Uhm.
126. Favorite Bauhaus song: ??
127. Favorite Joy Division song: ??
128. Favorite Gavin Friday/Virgin Prunes song: ???
129. Favorite Ani di Franco song: ??
130. Favorite Radiohead song: Creep
131. Favorite Staind song: Home
132. Favorite The Used song: I Caught Fire
133. Favorite Atreyu song: Lip Gloss and Black
134. Favorite Avenged Sevenfold song: Unholy Confessions

[identity profile] diluted73.livejournal.com 2006-11-22 06:24 am (UTC)(link)
You know I don't need to say this, but I'll say it, anyway. Almost all of the songs that you picked are the same songs I'd pick, myself. You need to get out of my head! LOL

Oh, and for the record, Ani di Franco: As Is. Great fuckin' tune. Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart.

I also LOVED how you mentioned The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars. And no, not just because Jared Leto is hot. Because it's a really good fucking song. Period.