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I had to take a history test last week that encompassed the entire Civil War. Ordinarily, this wouldn't bother me. Having it the same day as another test, being so swamped at work I couldn't even make it to class and needing to clean made it bother me. Mostly because I had next to no time to study for either test with working late and everything.

I was lucky enough to have my psychology test moved to Tuesday and my History test moved to Thursday, so I at least had a chance to go over my notes for a bit and do flashcards. I still was in no way prepared! I came into work Thursday morning, (even though Wendy was at my house and I was off) finished what I absolutely had to, then went to take my history test like I was walking to my death. I was absolutely certain I failed it.

I got said test back today, and I got an 80. Now I know the work on that test was NOT deserving of an 80. Granted, I may have done better than a failing grade, but not by much. Br. Ed and his grading rock! On a Br. Ed side note, he said "fuck" several times in class today. Doesn't bother me ever, just very odd watching it come out of the mouth of somebody who dresses like a priest.

So the 80 was my good news. The bad news? I also found out today in class that I have a paper due next week. This was a paper that I was sure wasn't due until the first week of December. So I pretty much got an unwanted fire lit under my ass. Ten pages in a week, I can do that no sweat...right.

The thing that sucks about it is that I was planning to see the Deadskullz Friday night and go shopping Saturday, which leaves Sunday and after work. I should probably be good and stay home on Friday night, but I have to really sit down and think about it. It would be pointless to stay in if I really don't think I'm going to work on the paper, which I probably wouldn't. I absolutely can't call off shopping because I have almost nothing to wear for the winter. What I do have has holes in it or is illfitting, and frankly, I'm tired of being embarrassed of my poor white trash wardrobe at work.

I know I'll figure it out. Beth even said I work better under pressure, which I do, I just hate the pressure part. Just needed to rant. I'm hoping when I get home, I can update about Wendy's trip and post some pictures and stuff. We'll see what Chris let's me do. Sometimes, he's like an extra parent, which is sometimes annoying, but mostly I appreciate. Helps me stay focused.

Off to Psych.


Aug. 31st, 2005 09:46 pm
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Sarah's bachelorette party was on the 20th. We had a stripper and lots of fun. My Mom became a belligerent drunk. The pictures tell the story much better than I ever could, so that's all I have to say about it. If you want details, or want to see the pics, IM or email me and I'll be more than happy to share. I don't want to put the link in here so that the whole interweb can see them.

Wachovia, what can I say about Wachovia? FUCKERS. They posted my gas to my account twice, the first time I was ok, but since it didn't hard post untill Monday, it came up as insufficient funds. One overdraft fee. Then I had the snafu with Amazon.com. Amazon charged me in one payment, but it posted to my account in two payments. So now I have an additional $62 overdraft fee. My Mom felt bad because she was going to lend me the money for my books and forgot, so she went and put $100 in my account for me today. They're still gonna take $76 out of my check. I hate money.

I started Fall semester today. I'm in love with Brother Ed. He's seriously cool as shit, very energetic and entertaining. He's a 60 year old Christian Brother who goes around saying things like, "my bad" and "yeah, we're posse". He's been quoted in Maxim and Sports Illustrated and has been a lifeline on Millionare. I think I'm in for a fun semester. The only drawback I can forsee is a 10 page paper due sometime in November.

Psychology was not so cool. My teacher is like a stereotypical therapist. Very professional, quiet and soft spoken. Funny thing is, I think she's the youngest teacher I've ever had at La Salle. We only have like 11 people in our class, so she made us sit in a circle for it, but the good thing is that now the group project she wanted to have us do can be individual projects. That's a plus, seeing as it's impossible logistically to get together with day students to do projects and I hate group work.

Work sucked, so I was happy to leave for class at 2. I was in the middle of a convo with Danyiel, so that kinda sucked, but I needed out in a bad way. Mimi can't keep her mouth shut about anything, and since I'm doing checks this week and she's doing letters, she ran to Beth with every little thing instead of asking me for help first. Well of course, I have the answers that I've given to Beth, but Beth forgets, so I have to be interrogated all over again, thus interfering with my doing other people's work. Fortunately, I had a great class to remind me why I put up with this shit.

I think that's it for now. This was a lazy entry.
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It's hot in my office. Not full sweat hot, but hot where all the grease in your skin rises to the top of your face and you wind up looking greasy all day no matter how many times you wipe your face or put on powder. Our air is cranked all the way up, but it's not doing anything because of two things. The first is that Beth freezes, so instead of turning her AC in her office down, she opens a window, but doesn't close her office door. The other reason is that we're not allowed to close the door to the office, because we're a "service office". This apparently, is a fire hazzard, but nobody seems to care. Also, Beth isn't concerned that we provide air conditioning for the entire third floor lobby. Oh well, I just have to put up with it because it's not going to change.

I changed my major a couple of weeks ago from History to General Studies. I'm still not sure what I want to do with myself, and DArt wasn't an option for a major, so this is the next best thing. I won't lose any credits that I've already taken towards history or education. They all apply to a core class or to a major class on the curriculum. My History component is done, I need one more class for my Education component and I chose Psychology as my third component. I have 8 electives leftover, which I can use to take mindless subjects like oil painting as pass/fail classes, or I can use toward a minor. I'm thinking about a minor in Criminal Justice, but I haven't decided. I think I'll take an intro class and see how I do before I make that call. The advantage to changing is that I can get my masters in any of those 3 or 4 things and move on from there. Is much less limiting than being stuck with a plain old history degree.

I have a total of 13 classes to take for my Bachelor's. I think the way I calculated it, I'll be graduating again in 2007 or 2008. I have two classes this semester, America's Military Past and Intro to Psychology (I've taken 200 level courses, but for some reason, never had the intro course.) Both will be on Wednesdays.

Yesterday, I spoke to Beth about the conference and I've decided to go. She said I can figure out my own flight itineray, so I can arrive back Tuesday evening if I wanted to, so that way everybody's happy. I don't know if it's definitely happening or not, she had to talk to Terry about it and to my knowledge, Beth is still waiting for an answer.

After work, I had to drive Sarah and I to Turnersville to get shoes for the wedding. Mine are cute, but had to be special ordered as usual (damn wide feet), so I have to go back twice instead of just once. I was so afraid I'd get lost, but I got us there and back with no major problems. Tonight, we go for her alterations. Funny thing, her dress doesn't fit. Won't zipper. Mine fits fine. Granted, I need to use the shaper, but it zippers and I can sit and everything. And she spent all of that time yelling at me. I think that she's just bloated or something, though and it's not that major. We also need to force my Mom to at least try some things on at David's. The wedding is two months away and she still hasn't even started looking for an outfit yet.

She's really worrying me. All she's done the past week and a half is sleep. Last weekend was understandable, because she came down with the plague that infiltrated our house, but then she was off on Thursday and Friday and slept both days all day and did the same Saturday and Sunday. I don't know if maybe she's just depressed, or if maybe she's seriously sick. She said she'd call the doctor about it this week though, so I'll have to remind her to do that tonight.

I could go on about how I'm broke due to paying the house bills and how I'm hoping I have money for Trevor's gifts and that I really hope I still have money set aside for Riley, but I won't because I don't feel like bitching in this post. Hopefully, things go well tonight.


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