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After seeing Batman Begins on Friday night, I was inspired. I decided that I want to sleeve on of my legs above my knee. (It's still a sleeve if it's on your leg, right?) I guess it would be more of a half sleeve, seeing as how it would be above my knee.

At first, I thought of getting all the comic book characters I like. I'm not majorly into comics now, but in high school, I was an XMen fiend. I've also always liked Batman, from the campy TV series in the 60's, to the cartoons, to (most of) the movies. The problem is, I don't think that I like enough comic people to really fill that part of my leg.

Then I thought maybe just movie or fictional characters. I'd really, really love a yoda. I keep telling Chris I'm gonna get it on my left butt cheek, but I'm kidding. I also would like Wolverine and maybe Jack and Sally.

I don't think I really have a point to this, other than to do an entry to kill time at work. I think I'll stick with the half leg sleeve idea. I'd love to have someplace on me heavily tattooed, and that seems like a great spot. I could even wear some skirts and still hide it if I had to for work or anything. Just not sure what kinda theme I want to go with on that one. Only time will tell.


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