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Lots of good turning points for the wedding lately. We're unusually lucky. To the poin where I think I'm going to be hit by a bus or something. Check it out:

  • Invites - Scott and Andie are buying the materials and making them.
  • Music - we were going to have an IPod, but Chris' parents are paying for a DJ
  • Cake - Chris' parents are paying for this too.  I have to figure out how to get it to Huntingdon Valley.
  • Cake topper - my Mom bought this for us, and she got me my champagne flutes I've wanted for 10 years too.
  • Bubbles - my sister (yes, my sister) bought these, along with cute labels to put on them
  • Flowers - Jackie's mom Nancy bought all of them and already has the first bouquet done.  (Silk flowers may be tacky for some, but when every bridesmaid has allergies, it's the way to go.
  • Plates, etc. - Dad's giving us enough extra for them.
  • Registry - it's finally done.  Not that this is a stroke of good luck, but hell, it's like writing out a Christmas list.  So fun!
Maybe my recent trip to the hospital was the equivalent of that hit by a bus that I've been waiting for.

PS - We got the invite for <A HREF="http://taintedheaven.livejournal.com/70266.html">Patti's</A> wedding.  Ours are WAY better!

PPS - that link's not working on my preview, and I don't really care to fix it right now.


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