Jul. 12th, 2005 11:02 am
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This really sucks and I'm not sure what to do.

There's a CASE conference in St. Louis September 12 and 13 and Beth wants me to go with her. (CASE are the people who work with the IRS and Advancement offices in colleges to make sure that donations are handled correctly.) Anyway, this conference will deal directly with Stewardship, especially with higher level donors. In other words, it would move me into Senior Stewardship faster and I could get a bigger raise come June. I'd really love to go, seeing as I'll be in this job at least another 2-3 years until I get my bachelor's, but I don't know.

The problem is that for one, we'd be leaving the day after the wedding. The other problem is that Chris' birthday is the 13th. I called and asked if he would mind if I go, but he sounded really upset about it. The thing is, I don't know if we'd be coming back on the 13th or the 14th. I'd hope it would be the 13th, because I have 2 classes on the 14th.

I guess I really need to talk to Beth about how it all would work and stuff and find out what times the conference actually runs. I'm just torn right now between my "career" and my personal life and it sucks.
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According to this article. I make somewhere between Al Bundy and Fred Sandford. Wow, that puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Only three people on the list came in less than Mr. Bundy. John Walton, Lumberman (not even sure what that is), Tony Micelli, Housekeeper. In all honesty, I think his salary should be inflated a bit, because if memory serves correctly, room and board were provided for him and his daughter at no extra cost. That's definitely worth something. And at the very bottom of the list is James Evans Sr. of Good Times fame.

You'd think that after working my tail off for almost 10 years now, I'd have something to show for my efforts. No dice - damn dead end jobs. Eventually, I'll be qualified for something that pays more, I just hope it doesn't take forever, because I can't get very far on what I got.


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