Apr. 25th, 2006

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I needed this. I wanted to do a nice long, picture post type of entry, but time just won't allow for that today.

Let's see what I've been up to.

I saw Avenged Sevenfold in February in Atlantic City, and I'll see them again in May at the Festival Pier. I will also be going to Ozzfest in August, because Chris is making me. His logic was that since Ozzy's playing this date, he'd feel bad if I didn't go.

We booked Rosewood Caterers for the reception. The wedding is officially October 13, 2007 now. It's going to be an evening reception, but Chris wants us to do pictures outside, so now we're looking for a ceremony location. Right now, I'm honestly more worried about how we're going to pay for everything. Mimi's supposed to be leaving in June, if I don't get offered her position and her salary, I need to find a second job. My dress came to my house today via Fed Ex. (If you want to see a picture, email me and I'll get one to you.)

I started Weight Watchers on April 1st, and I'm up to a whopping 7lbs lost. I feel so discouraged that I've lost so little, but at the same time, at least I didn't gain anything. I feel a lot healthier already, and I'm already doing a lot better with drinking a lot more water and eating more vegetables. Chris was suppposed to go on it with me, but he hasn't started yet. He's trying to get in gear though.

I've had two uncles die this month, my Uncle Joey on the 3rd, and my Uncle Ritchie just yesterday. Both of Scott's grandmother also just died within a week of each other. This was not how I wanted to cut down the guestlist. It sucks.

And now, for a rant )


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